Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ain't Misbehavin....Again! But in Europe this time!

"No one to talk with all by myself. No one to walk with but I'm happy on the shelf. Ain't misbehavin! I'm saving my love for YOU!" 3 years ago I went on tour with the National tour of Ain't Misbehavin also known as the "Idol Tour" because it featured several American Idol alum. This tour was quite life changing and I'll never forget it. We were also nominated for a Grammy for our cast recording! I am happy to be reprising the role I played on that tour that was originated by the fabulous Ms. Armelia McQueen. This time we'll be misbehavin in Europe. I have never been to Europe and I'm excited to hang out in Paris more than anything! I will be posting pics and video blog posts during the tour to give you my taste of Europe. Below is a video and some pictures of the show including our album cover from the Idol tour that I did. I can't wait to share some new footage with you soon.

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